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As your post production advisor, my job is to ask the questions that will help you understand issues you may not yet realize are essential to creating a successful project.


I am often brought in by clients at an early stage of a project’s development.  This shows great foresight as there are often aspects at the storyboarding stage that can greatly impact the post production process both creatively and monetarily. Producers and directors appreciate my input because it helps them refine their creative choices and shooting schedules in a way that places their financial resources where they will have the greatest impact. 




As your post production consultant, my job is to give you answers to specific problems that you have already formulated which will enable the successful completion of your project.


A good example of this is from my last involvement with Michael Jackson before his untimely passing.  He was not happy with the promos for his upcoming London shows that the concert promoter had been preparing, and simply told them, “Find Bob Jenkis.” I immediately recognized that while the promoter had been crafting the promos from exciting concert footage of Michael, they had ignored a crucial element that was intrinsically important to Michael, which was his relationship with the audience while he was performing.  After I suggested that they include shots of the audience reacting to the moves Michael was making in order to create synergy between performer and audience, Michael approved the promos.




When needed, I’m available to be hands on with your project and bring my considerable experience and expertise as editor, supervising editor, and post production supervisor to help you craft the highest quality expression of your project.


While one of the most important aspects of being a good editor is being a team player, I also have a reputation of being able to take the ball and run with it. My intuition of what a client is looking for has allowed me to both bring forward the most central aspects of an existing concept as well as to think outside the box and suggest creative directions that no one has thought of.

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